Thursday, July 30, 2009

Camping Island Park style, July 2009

This camping thing is EXHAUSTING!

Campfire...don't ask me what Tyson's doing...

Don't know who put this up (pretty sure it wasn't the forest service) but I admit, I had to laugh!

Kadyn doing what Kadyn does

Campin' girl


Tyson and Josh

Josh, Russell and Tyson goin' nowhere fast!

Found two nests of these cute/ugly things!

Icehouse Creek

Fishing FHE

Catch of the day!

Tasting her first cookie!

Joshua, um...

Meanwhile, Darin was, yes, you guessed it...SLEEPING!

Kadyn and Tyson conquering the mountain

Joshua being... Joshua

4th of July 2009

Okay, a little behind, we just went to the local fireworks this year. The little kids didn't care - they thought they were awesome! (Notice the absence of the elder children) Aliya? She couldn't have care less about the noise. Just "where's the candy?"

Playin' Catch Up!

Beware of blog-overload! Just a few random pics of summer fun! This is Joshua and Emily. Our friends came to visit in June!

Darin got to do a little salmon fishing this year! Love it!

Okay, I know, this is just disgusting! And, only the beginning! This really was only one patch from his back!

Tyson's rocket, just hours before Joshua destroyed it.

Campfire with the family at Grandma and Grandpa's

I'm not sure who these boys are (Jackson and Jordan) or what they're doing (playing with playdough) but I think they should be embarrassed!

9 months

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Girl's camp 2009

Little Aliya snoozing while we set up camp

Setting up the "tablernacle"

Hangin' out around the campfire

Sing-along with Bro. Carlson

I have no idea why this picture looks like this because there wasn't anything flying through the air like this. Cool effect though!

Whoever decided that snipes go for toothpaste and tinfoil?
(Silly naive Beehives....)

Off on our 4 mile hike!

Hailey hoping to find her handsome prince!

Little quackers...

Comedians! Isn't this tree huge!?!

Paige, Zalia, and Meagan

Zalia and her flower collection

Savanah taking a shot with Bro. Schvanaveldt's pellet gun

Our Jr. leaders teaching first aid, just an hour before I got burned

Savanah and Aliya just moments before I got burned. They were right behind me when the pot tipped over! The pad and tarp in this picture is where I layed down while the girls poured cold water on my feet!

Zalia and Anjanette and all the girls took great care of my baby until Grandma and Grandpa could get to her! All of the awesome pics from here on out are from the girls! They kept my camera going after I left! Yeah!

Monica and Amy "monkeying around" :)

This is a shot up Icehouse creek just down from our campsite.

I don't how they got this shot, but it's awesome!

The girls had to dig Bro. Collucci out because he got stuck on the swamp road. We call it that for a good reason!
These were huge! We found them everywhere!