Sunday, May 1, 2011


Can anybody see my cute background?  I can only see it on one of my computers!!!!

Easter 2011

 So glad Grandma likes doing this at her house!

 The Easter basket of death....
 She managed to have blue teeth within about 30 seconds of finding her basket...a new record, I do believe!   This is one candy-obsessed child!

 Pretty princess playin' in the dirt
 A little B-ball in Granny's backyard


Monster Trucks!!!

I have a sweet little 6 year old boy who is completely OBSESSED with monster trucks.  We have no idea where it started and did little to encourage it until the last year when it was evident that it was not a phase.  This year we decided to take him to the monster truck rally in Pocatello, and made it a family affair!

 Trust me, this look is not boredom, it is intense concentration!

 This one was terrified at first, but quickly got over it!

And, this one?  He downloaded college lectures on anthropology from iTunes and listened to it the whole time.  Love that boy!

 The Power county inmate bus.....and now it's not.