Friday, March 26, 2010


That's all.....  :)

Another Cub Scout down, only one to go.....

Tyson received both his Weblos badge and his Arrow of Light at Cub Scout pack meeting last night, the highest award you can get in Cub Scouts!  Way to go Tyson!

Happy birthday, Tyson, #11!

Tyson making it to his 11th birthday definitely was a milestone, considering in just the past week he has been hit by the mailman on his bike (Tyson on the bike, mailman in a truck) and threw a rock up a tree trying to get a ball down and instead shattered some ladies windshield as she drove by. We also just ordered 3 windows for our garage that he shot out with his BB gun "trying to shoot a moth".   That's life with Tyson!  (His father's child, by the way.  I swear not a drop of my DNA exsists in that child!)

First warm Saturday!

Tyson "throwing" grass on himself (of course, at this point everyone else was ready to kill him for doing to them...)
Aliya hangin' with Rylee
Meanwhile Josh was...
...and Tyson, always the antagonist, pushed Savanah through the truck window where she was trying to hide his shoes (after rescuing Rylee's from up the tree, of course)
Aliya has decided outside is where it's at!
Even the dog...

Amity's blessing day!


Snow Daze...

First play day in the snow for one little girl!


We saw this poor guy, a Golden Eagle no less, on the side of the road up in the foothills above our house.  It appeared that he had been eating on a deer carcass and probably got hit by a car.  It looked like he broke both his wings!  Hopefully Fish and Game found him before the coyotes did!

Snow soccer

Who needs boots?  (Or a coat, gloves, hat, restricting)

Yet another post dedicated to, yes, Aliya...

Oh, doughnuts!

Could the sheer joy be any more apparent?!?


Poor sick baby!  For one who was never really very sick before, she's had more than her fair share this past month!  Another fever struck just last night!

See the stick-em-out belly button?

Though ridiculous, I love this picture!

Like I've mentioned before, she has a clothes fettish and is constantly "dressing" herself!


Sure love this little girl!!!

Valentine's Day = Cakeballs!

Joshua is, of course, all about the color red...

Kadyn, the perfectionist, probably only made 2, but his had an extra chocolate filling!


Savanah hard at work...

Tyson hard at, um, work..

And Aliya was a very happy taste-tester!

A small sample of the finished product!

The Fam

We've have a lot of occasions for family gatherings at the Ward's the last little while, so here's a sampling!

My dear Aliya has not yet exactly developed "social skills".  She tends to check everybody out this way.  Sorry Emma! (Cousin Tara's little one)


Cousin Ellie (Wendy's) just moments before she lost that hanging tooth.

This is cousin Hallie (and Nick!)'s baby Sadie, yet another miracle baby story from this last year!


Not sure who this guy who just randomly showed up in my girl's pic...
(okay, Uncle Jason...)

This is Ashley's new baby girl, Amity Reese Moulton.  Apparently she takes after her mother....(yes, Ashley, that was a direct reference to the scowl)


Cousin time apparently qualifies for roundup in Tyson's world.