Monday, January 23, 2012

Halloween 2011

 Cutest bat and witch  EVER!!!

Vaccination Day...

 Cowboy up...


One for Aliya....
 ...and one for Kadyn, my college boy!

Reaping the rewards of our labors

 Nothin' better than fresh mango salsa!



Huckleberry French breakfast puffs

The making of the applesauce...

 Wa-la!  Naturally PINK applesauce!

Apple cider chicken

 Panang Curry..
 ...and mango/coconut jasmine rice

 Egg souffle


Potatoes in a garbage can= a waste of time.

Love yellow tomatoes!

 For those who may doubt the power of beer as a slug-a-cide, think again.

Birthday Girl!

My precious little girl turned 3 years old!

 She hugged each and every present!

 Tuckered out!