Friday, February 27, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

A group of friends have started a sewing circle called "Little Monkey Mamas". We will be getting together once a month to do a project, eat chocolate, and I'm sure do a little gabbin'. This time we made reversible capes for our "little monkeys". Joshua was a little too occupied with the computer to show much interest at first!
(the other side is the Incredible's logo)

Anyone who has any suggestions we would love to hear it! It doesn't have to be a sewing project. Right now we have jewelry making, finger puppets and fairy wings, and cooking on the list. Feel free to join us too! Check out the link on my blog.

Ain't it just the sweetest thing?

Our little Aliya is 5 months old!

And she has the best brothers in the world!

Haircuts? Who needs one!?!

For whatever reason these pictures are out of order, but the gist of it is they both have pretty much the same kind of hair! No matter how hard I try I cannot get
Aliya's to lay down, especially freshly washed.
It's ridiculous!

And Tyson's has always done the same thing!
(And he thought he didn't need a haircut, that's why he looks so happy)

It's cuter on her!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wow, Mom is too much fun...

So, it was just me and the little boys tonight and I thought we could watch a movie and eat popcorn. When I came downstairs with the popcorn Tyson was all ready asleep on the couch. Joshua,who just got out of the tub, lasted long enough to eat a couple of handfuls before he passed out!

Apparently I really know how to entertain!

Pinewood Derby 2009

This year our Pinewood derby included a competition for the big boys too. Hopefully it encouraged the dads to actually let their boys work on their own cars...

Tyson got third place with his Boise Broncos car!