Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last of the cub scouts (for 3 years, at least)

Tyson turned 11 this year so he is now officially a big boy scout.  But, he got to participate in the pinewood derby anyway, after he "crossed the bridge".
He gave himself rabbit ears.

A little more Aliya...

I know we have a lot of pictures of her eating, but when one enjoys the simple pleasures in life so much... (it was even better later when she added chocolate pudding to the face)

She gets her concentration-face from Granny

"Weeeeeeeeeeee, I did it!"

(Love the icecream dripping off her chin...)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bad hair day...

Big brothers are the best!

Easter in style!


We spent Easter Sunday in St. George with our friends Scott and Andrea Parkinson and their family.  The weather was beautiful~ mid-70's and sunshine!  Two days later back at home the kids got out of school for the first snow-day of the year....

Easter egg hunt

Tyson decided it was just a tad bit too chilly for the pool.  The hottub was much better!

Face painting via Sophie Parkinson...

Everyone was pretty exhausted on the way was VERY quiet for about 3 hours!


The best part of our hotel while in St. George, maybe the only good part, was the pool, and it was even outdoors!


What's with the cheezy grins?!?


Pretty sure she was saying, "See, Mom, I told you he was dumb..."

Why anybody, even Tyson, would purposely pick a fight with Savanah is beyond me.  Chances are always really good, you're gonna lose, and lose big. 

Swimmin' lessons...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Big Girl!

Big girl do it all by herself....




Now what?