Monday, September 13, 2010

Sweetest Boy Ever!!!!

So, this morning as I was dropping Joshua off for Kindergarten he got out of the car amidst the "Bye!  I love you!  Have a good day!" and proceeded to skip down the sidewalk.  I was smiling as I watched him because he was walking in such a way as to make his backpack bounce up and down on his bum- it was so reminiscent of Kadyn when he was little.  Suddenly, he stopped, turned around with these wide eyes and came running back to the car.  He swung the door open, jumped in exclaiming. "Oh my gosh!  I almost forgot!"  He threw his arms around my neck, hugged me tight and said "I love you!"  Enough to make a mom's heart melt, for sure.......

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Seaside, Oregon, August 2010

Aliya's first look at the ocean!
                                           Joshua had no trouble adjusting to the cold water!



                                        Kadyn body surfing...

The great Chubacca vs. Bigfoot debate....don't ask me why the was the subject of conversation while standing in the ocean...


                     Building a hot tub... a little disappointed when it kept filling with cold water.

                     Got a little chilly...


Tyson and Aliya spent a lot of time like this on the beach!  She hated the feel of sand between her toes!

Tidepools at Haystack!










                  I tried to warn him...

                Sea lions at Astoria



We affectionately named this one "Kadyn"  because it was all alone and was obviously very content to stay that way.  In fact, when one did finally join him, he took one look at who it was and dove back in the water!

I swear they were trying to pretend to be sharks to scare somebody off the wall so they would have a place to climb up!

              Back at Seaside...
                     Teaching Joshua the fine art of chasing seagulls!

     Tyson tripped over this crab in the water.  Imagine his surprise when he realized it was ALIVE!

                     Kadyn dug this one out of the sand!
Jellyfish, about the size of the crab


                       Chasing a razor clam, surprisingly quick little buggers!

                Hermit crab- they were everywhere!