Monday, February 21, 2011

Life with Kadyn...

 Just to give you a little example of the kind of the random things that show up on my camera...
Not just a hummingbird, a DEAD hummingbird.  The very one that now sits decomposing somewhere in his room so he can later display the skeleton.  No, I'm NOT kidding. 


Beware once again of blog the coming days, it may be erratic, and horribly out of order, but, I am determined to catch up!!!

Revenge 21 years in the making...

So, I must preface this story with an explanation:  21 years ago, on Valentine's Day, Darin asked me to marry him.  He did so by sending me on a scavenger hunt through the mall.  One of the clues was even hidden under the boxer shorts of a manequin (male, but I believe a eunic....)  Anyway, quite an embarrassing adventure, to say the least.  In fact, when I finally ended and found him at the temple with a roses and a ring, I beat him over the head with the flowers!  

So, forward 21 years.... my neice, Angie, and I decided to send our precious ones on an adventure of their own.  First, they had to dawn their new t-shirts, lest anyone not know how much they adore their wives.

Next, off to Granny's house to make us each tasty treat, a Valentine sugar cookie.

Then, a little sewing lesson, where they had to make us something sexy...

(Wow, I haven't even dared model this yet!)
Their beautiful instructor, Sandee.

Then, off to the dollar store to buy us something special with their pennies. 

Last stop, to make us each a coursage and a card.  

 All in all, a mighty fine performance, boys!!

(Then we treated them to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, so all was not lost for them....although they were still required to wear the t-shirts!)

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Sweetheart Ball

 This past weekend Kadyn went to the Hillcrest Sweetheart Ball with a girl from our ward, Nicole.  He actually said he had FUN!!! Journal entry moment, folks, Kadyn doesn't ever equate dancing with fun!  Thank you, Nicole!
Look!  Chivalry is NOT dead!