Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wrestling Ward Style, Fall 2011

 Kind of unconventional, but effective.  Especially if you first eat beans for lunch..

Sure looks like a couple of pins to me, but neither got called!

Tyson always thinks he needs a little extra practice at home.  Sometimes he picks a fight he just, well, shouldn't.

 FHE Ward Style
 Contemplating his next move.

Better think some more.

 Then there was conference, December 10, 2011.


 ...and pin number 3!
 Team hug!
 What was really awesome about this win for 1st place was this Clare E. Gale kid had pinned Tyson twice during the regular season, and was pretty cocky about it.  He had Ty pretty psyched out, so I was really amazed that Tyson prevailed in the end!  He wrestled better and harder than he had the entire season!   IT WAS AWESOME!

 2011 USRV 100 lb. District Champion!

The Beauty that is Idaho