Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Little Family Fun in the Great Outdoors!


We went to the head waters of Warm River (just north of Mesa Falls) a few weeks ago, and this is what we saw.....water everywhere!  Lakes where there had been none before!

 Kadyn sharing his love of nature with Aliya.

 Checkin' out dinner... (She's practicing to become a plumber when she grows up as well)

The Snake River, June 2011

 If you want to use the path around the greenbelt these days, you'd better bring a canoe...

Graduation Time!

Happy trails..... you!
 Happy kindergarten graduation, Joshua! (trust me, this was an accomplishment!)

And a huge congratulations to Kadyn. our first hugh school graduate!

(Are we done yet?)

 Really needs no explanation, she's always eating!
And she and Kadyn kind of have this love/hate relationship.

 Fishin' at Birch Creek.  Joshie caught his first-ever fish!

 Horsie-back ride!

Rhubarb anyone?  Please? PLEASE?!?