Thursday, July 29, 2010


This summer we watched in amazement this little hummingbird nest right at eye-level!

First momma sitting on two impossibly small eggs!

Then, the hatching!

One week later...

Two weeks later...

And about three weeks later!  A few days after this they flew the coop!  Or, nest, I guess...

And, again..... Aliya

Eating....always eating.  It's better to feed her naked and then just hose her off when she's done!

Her new CHEESY grin!

Daddy's girl...

Sweet cheeks!

Cowboy up...

This boy really needs to live on a farm!

Friday, July 16, 2010

4th of July 2010

This was the view where we spent our 4th of July weekend in Driggs at Jason and Jen's house!  Thanks for having us guys!

The cousins taking in a little b-ball!

And, Savanah would want everyone to know, she kicked Jackson's trash!

Isn't this just so sweet?

Of course, so is this!

The fireworks were at the new Huntsman's Springs facility.  Beautiful!

It was pretty stinkin' cold for the 3rd of July!  Sheesh...
And best of all.....

...was this man!  Yes, folks, this is Glenn Beck!  Love this guy, and what a way to spend the evening!

Wendy was simply so overcome!

Happy Independence Day everyone!

Teton Balloon Festival, 2010

So cool to be up close and personal during the launching!






What a great, and early, way to start the 4th of July celebration!

One year later...

So, it was one full year the 23rd of June since I gave myself this pretty permanent little tattoo. Mine says "endurance".  It can be done!  And, no, I don't hide it.  I wear it with pride!  I worked hard to earn this sucker!  Ain't it pretty?

Misc. Summer Fun

We've been spending a lot of time with Great Grandma and Grandpa Ward.  Grandpa recently suffered a series of strokes, and things have been pretty tough!  

She loves Kadyn!

It was just a liiiitttle to chhchhchhilly to play in the sprinkler!

As per usual....

Savanah and her tricks...

Why I don't bother to wash windows every day....

The kids love love love it when Grandma floods her lawn!