Tuesday, December 14, 2010

For the birds...

One day Aliya was standing by the open front door looking outside and jabbering away about something.  Finally she came and grabbed me by the hand and said, "come 'ere, Mom, 'ook, a chicken.  A chicken, Mom."  This is what she saw...
A Downey Woodpecker
A Nuthatch

This would be my favorite thing to take pictures of, that is any kind of wildlife.  What makes these bird pictures especially easy is that I have trees within 5 feet of my upstairs bedroom window, and the screen is conveniently missing as well!

Family pics

 Not interested in her turn..

 Aliya looks a little thug-babyish...

He deserved it, trust me...
Don't ask.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Halloween 2010

Okay!  So, I'm a little behind!  Halloween strung out for DAYS this year with a church carnival on Thursday, school parties, and finally trick or treating on Saturday!

 Trunk or Treat!

 Tyson, the cowboy.....again.

 Joshua, the puppy.

Aliya, the cutest ladybug on the planet!

 Savanah, "Vampire"  See the sparkles?

A very confused tennis-playing puppy bug...

Kadyn's Senior Pictures

No, Mother, I will NOT stand next to the outhouse and pretend to be peeing!"

 He has a hard time staying on task...

 The Thinker...

That's my boy!