Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas 2010

 At the Ward family Christmas Eve party, Aliya was pretty sure these were all for her...

Ever seen someone so excited about towels?...

...or paper towels?  (They were on her list, BTW...)

 This chair Aliya's sitting in was my Grandpa Mather's 3rd birthday present, making it 107 years old!
 My favorite childhood ornament, he sticks out his tongue!

 Good Christmas morning!  (Some were a little more enthusiastic than others...)

 Josh was really excited about his box of Oreos.  It was hours later that he discovered it was full of trains to go with his new Thomas the Train set.
 Pretty much the position Savanah retained for days after getting her new IPod Touch.

And, yes, we FINALLY got a Wii.


When we decided to start a family, the one thing I swore I'd never do is have a December baby.  So, I instead had two.  Arrrrrgggghhh!  Love them though, despite the chaos!

 Happy birthday Savanah, #15!
 She's just too cute to pass up a picture...

Happy birthday Kadyn, #18!  (Am I really this old?!?)
And this is Gus, Kadyn's present...