Sunday, November 2, 2008

My how time flies!

This is a giant universal remote, one he can't lose! It even glows in the dark! Every man should be so lucky! He also got some diapers, fiber pills, Viagra, denture cleaner, dog food (don't ask), baby food, and some actually nice stuff.

The old man of the house turned forty on October 10th. He's still got it though....although sometimes he can't find it! Yer still a hottie to me dear! That's all that matters, right?

Darin pretending to blow out the candles that I forgot to bring!

Now for a tribute to Darin:

Dying Day

Like the brilliant sun setting at the end of day,
At forty, youth's glory is fading away.
Gathering together with family and friends,
Trying to forget it's now soft food and Depends.

Night's coming fast, the shadows are looming,
Old age, slowing down, gray hairs all comsuming.
What once was a six pack is now a spare tire,
Without Diet Pepsi the situation may be dire.

Under the moonlight, youth's bright rays gone,
The hairs out the ears and nose growing long.
Wrestling and running were yesterday's adventures,
This point in life we're just glad for the dentures.

Alas, in the horizon, light breaks and we see
That in spite of the sore back and stiff knee,
He's still got his stuff- an ode to his youth;
No need for Viagra, the new baby's proof!

~Kari Hancock