Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving in South Dakota

So, I had to come all the way to South Dakota to learn how to blog.  Pretty pathetic, I know, but you do what you've  got to do.  I also had to come here to learn about the local gossip going on at home because apparently I'm behind on my blog-stalking.

But, anyway, here we are in South Dakota visiting our favorite people, Daniel and Kari, for  the Thanksgiving holiday.  We arrived late Tuesday night, spent Wednesday preparing for Thursday, ate all day Thursday, shopped all day Friday (5:00a.m. to 8:00p.m. no less) (lots of caffeine involved) (don't tell the bishop), and now we are here on Saturday getting ready to leave on Sunday.  Whew! Too much fun yet to have and not much time left!  The boys have consoled themselves by forcing themselves to go hunting at least several times a day.  We are going to try pheasant haystacks for dinner. We're not sure we're excited but we'll see how it goes.

Since this is my first blog I am making it short and sweet (maybe not sweet, for that I am definitely not) just so I can figure out what I'm supposed to do and how to do it.  So, this is all for now, but I shall (hopefully) do  better in the future.  


Greg and Gwen said...

well it's about time you learned how to blog!!! I always catch up on the local gossip through blog stalking! It's just the way it's done these days :) Keep posting. It's fun to check, even though I get to see you on a regular basis!

Daniel, Kari & Co. said...

Come on guys, we are waiting with bated (baited?) breath for an update!