Monday, February 21, 2011

Revenge 21 years in the making...

So, I must preface this story with an explanation:  21 years ago, on Valentine's Day, Darin asked me to marry him.  He did so by sending me on a scavenger hunt through the mall.  One of the clues was even hidden under the boxer shorts of a manequin (male, but I believe a eunic....)  Anyway, quite an embarrassing adventure, to say the least.  In fact, when I finally ended and found him at the temple with a roses and a ring, I beat him over the head with the flowers!  

So, forward 21 years.... my neice, Angie, and I decided to send our precious ones on an adventure of their own.  First, they had to dawn their new t-shirts, lest anyone not know how much they adore their wives.

Next, off to Granny's house to make us each tasty treat, a Valentine sugar cookie.

Then, a little sewing lesson, where they had to make us something sexy...

(Wow, I haven't even dared model this yet!)
Their beautiful instructor, Sandee.

Then, off to the dollar store to buy us something special with their pennies. 

Last stop, to make us each a coursage and a card.  

 All in all, a mighty fine performance, boys!!

(Then we treated them to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, so all was not lost for them....although they were still required to wear the t-shirts!)

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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Sara Hirschi said...

Love this! Totally awesome! I might have to have Spencer try this one day :)