Sunday, March 8, 2009

Roller Hockey!

(this is Darin on the right and his fearsome opponent)
A friend of ours celebrated his birthday by challenging his friends to a game of roller hockey. Okay, so he didn't know this, it was his wife's idea, but it was a good one! It was great fun, especially for me (the photographer).

These last three are out of order due to the tired blogger who forgot to upload them backwards! (Does everyone just love the time change as much as me?)

Way to slam the birthday boy, Kade Smith. (That would be his wife, Jesalee in pink)


Greg and Gwen said...

MAN, So bummed we missed this one! It looks like it was so fun. But since we were both out of town most of the weekend and finding a babysitter twice in one day is sort of a stretch, we passed this one up...looks like a big mistake...MAN!

Nick and Haley said...

That looks awesome! Nick and I need to take up a new hobby...ROLLER HOCKEY! It kinda reminds me of the early nineties! :)