Saturday, January 10, 2009

Island Park

The day after Christmas we headed for Island Park (a day late due to the weather and closed roads) for a little fun in the snow, and snow we did have! We hadn't been there 20 minutes when Joshua and his cousin jumped off the railing of the deck and literally disappeared. The top of their heads were 2 feet below the snow line. I knew Josh was okay because he could scream, and scream he did, but I neglected to get pictures because he was rather traumatized and thought we should save him. Thank you Uncle Travis!

Beau was quite the celebrity with his new "smart pen". (?)

The kids all enjoyed the hot tub too. I however never partook, which was probably just as well as my visual image may have scarred (or scared) everyone for life.

Kadyn and Darin and their snowcave. It was huge!

Travis snowshoeing- without them he would have disappeared. As it was the snow was up to his butt! Hard work to get through!

Our lovely family after camping out for a couple of days.


The Moulton Family said...

Oh, Amy. Just because your family chooses not to shower or change their clothes doesn't mean it was a "campout." I'm mean, we were in a cabin with running water and everything. (Hee.Hee.)

Amy and Darin and family said...


Mandy said...

Looks like alot of fun!